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Our top priority at Carytown Optical in Richmond, VA is to make certain that your prescription for lenses is done correctly and you experience natural vision. Our opticians will recommend the type of lens and lens materials to best suit your personal needs and preferences.

You are welcome to drop by to see samples of lens options. With so many lens features available you need to make informed choices and be aware of the guarantees that come with those choices. The best way is to view a physical sample. One glance at a reflection free or polarized sample will instantly show its benefits to you.

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Carytown Optical offers high quality lenses made by the world's leader in ophthalmic lenses such as Bluetech, Essilor, Zeiss, Optics, Shamir, Seiko and Kodak. These reputable manufactures uses free-form eyeglass lens manufacturing technology that allow you to get better optics and changes the way you see forever


The basic steps for you as a patient of Carytown Optical to get quality prescriptions eyeglasses:

  • Get a prescription (available at Carytown Optical) by digitally scanning your eyes using specialized equipment to collect a number of data points on each eye
  • Choose a frame and optimize your lenses to fit the frame
  • Manufacturing of lenses and fitting them to your fram.
  • Pickup your eyeglass and we will to all the final adjustments to make them fit perfectly

Free-Form Eyeglass Lens Manufacturing Technology

Free-form lens manufacturing is a revolutionary digital manufacturing process that uses computer-aided design and surfacing (grinding and polishing) to create high-level, customized eyeglass lenses with your unique prescription. Free-form technology uses digital-point technology that uniquely identifies each point on a lens and uses a router bit-type tool guided by a computer program, which make it possible to alter the surface geometry of a lens in very sophisticated ways. With this technology the ophthalmic industry is no longer tied to base-curve restrictions and the digitally generated curves can be extremely sophisticated.

Aspheric/atoric designs, such as progressive lenses, are easily attainable because the surface geometry of the lens can be altered in nearly limitless ways to meet the unique visual task requirements and lifestyle needs of individual patients

Benefits of customized free-form lenses include improved visual clarity, outstanding night/low light vision, exceptional contrast perception and brilliant color vision. The patients that will benefit the most are those with complex prescriptions and those wearing progressive lens eyeglasses.

US Optical

US Optical, LLC is a wholesale optical lab business that uses state of the art technology and provides overnight service for prescription lenses with anti-reflective coatings. The company can grind normal lenses as well as Digitized, High Definition® or FreeForm® Lenses. (All their lenses are ground to 100’s of a diopter instead of the 12’s or 10’s in most other labs.)

US Optical, LLC has installed a new state of the art Carl Zeiss AR Coating center and produce: Zeiss SET, GET, Carat, Carat Advantage and Teflon coatings. They can also coat Zeiss’ Cool Blue, Cool Gold and Cool Silver mirror coatings.