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Dr. Benjamin Gates is available for eye exams on first Fridays. Please call him first, to be sure there's an appointment open! 804-565-2020 or email Dr Gates

Vinylize eyewear of Budapest Hungary

Vinylize eyewear of Budapest Hungary is now available at Carytown Optical. These exquisite frames are made of vinyl records. Read about them on the blog and our Vinylize page.

Dr. Benjamin Gates

Dr. Benjamin Gates Optometrist is located above Carytown Optical; at 3343 West Cary Street, Richmond, VA 23221. Dr Gates is a specialist in bifocal/multifocal contact lens fittings as well as monovision and single vision lens fittings. He provides excellence in vision correction, eye exams; expert diagnosis and management of eye diseases and disorders. Carytown Optometry can provide care for eye and vision complications related to allergies and dry eyes. Please call for an appointment: (804)565-2020 or email Dr Gates.

New eyewear lines now at Carytown Optical!

New eyewear lines now at Carytown Optical! Rudy Project, Blackfin, Silhouette, Face a Face, Vuarnet, Dita, Kawasaki, Matsuda, Costa Del Mar, Isson, Eyebobs Readers, Anne et Valentin, Vinylize, I Green, Iyoko Inyake and Swissflex.

VCU and UofR College Discounts

VCU and UofR college discounts at Carytown Optical and Carytown Optometry read up about it on the blog

Carytown Optical Shoppe Supports Military

Carytown Optical Shoppe fills need for members of military
Richmond TimesDispatch, Monday, March 9, 2009

It's a long way from Carytown to Kirkuk. And in the middle of a war, the distance is even farther. But one area businesswoman has found some steady customers in the Iraqi desert among the men and women serving in the U.S. military. Cynthia Allen, owner of Carytown Optical Shoppe at West Cary and Nansemond streets, has the clientele thanks to a link on a Web site.

Allen is an authorized dealer of Oakley sunglasses. As an optician she can fit the wraparound sunglasses with prescription lenses. The sunglasses are popular with members of the military in Iraq and Afghanistan, but it's difficult to find prescription lenses. On its Web site, Oakley has a space where people can find dealers who both sell the glasses and then can fit them with the custom lenses. Carytown Optical is one of those dealers.

Allen said she was first contacted by a soldier who saw the listing several years ago. Since then she's sold about 30 or 40 pairs. "They started to talk about me and the word got around that I can do this," she said. Allen deals with the soldiers by email or telephone. She uses prescriptions they've gotten from their military optometrists. The soldiers either look on the Web or talk to their buddies to find styles. She then fits the lenses and ships them off.

"I always slip them some little extras like candy, cleaning cloths and a note of thanks for serving me and my country," she said. Allen said a few of the overseas customers have come in when they've returned to thank her in person. But selling to the military overseas has helped her get stateside customers as well. She's had customers drive in from Fort Lee and Newport News for glasses based on what they've heard from comrades, she said.

Allen has owned Carytown Optical for about 16 years. She said the only rule or policy at the store is that the customer must leave happy. That, she said, holds true whether the customer hails from Mosul or Midlothian.

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